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Charles de Koninck (July 29, 1906 - February 13, 1965) was a philosopher and professor at the University of Laval, Canada. Schooled in Aristotelian and Thomistic philosophy, he labored to show the compability and complementarity of philosophical knowledge and scientific inquiry.

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Ralph McInerny has been engaged for some years in the project of gathering and translating the works of Charles DeKoninck. Introducing the project, he says, "Some years ago I moved and my books got rearranged and I kept discovering old favorites and coming upon books I had never read but owned for years. One day I took down a book of DeKoninck's, and began to reread. Some hours later I sat back and said aloud, "Thank God I studied with this man.'"

The first volume of The Writings of Charles de Koninck is now in print, having been just published in 2008 (link opens in a new window). Read a review by Thomas Hibbs. The Second Volume in the series has also now been released in June 2009. Both volumes may be ordered at a discount from Amazon.

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Many more scanned texts of DeKoninck are available at Scribd (PDF images, and therefore not searchable):

Charles de Koninck Archive - Papers of Charles De Koninck

Dissertations directed by De Koninck

The Formal Constituent of a Sin of Commission - A dissertation by James Maloney

Self-Love and Human Society - A dissertation by Sister Julia Marie O'Brien

Dissertations directed by Charles de Koninck